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To Your Health has been a long, evolving process over the years. It all goes back to when I was 8 years old and my little brother was born. He instantly captured my heart and became my entire world. I was devastated when we discovered his many health issues along with a plethora of food allergies. Much is beyond our control, but with ample prayer for his health, I decided take charge of something I could manage, and appointed myself his personal chef. Words cannot describe the amount of knowledge I have gained from cooking and baking for a child who is allergic to dairy, eggs, wheat, meat, corn, soy, nuts, yeast, and half of all fruits and vegetables. This journey has been lengthy and arduous and there are still rough patches, but it is with grateful and full hearts that we thank God for his health today.

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That being said, here at TYHB we understand the importance of fueling your body solely with premium products, and are proud to say that we uphold the highest standards of quality. Please do not hesitate to contact us for special orders and know that we will take the utmost care to ensure that you receive exactly what you need. Food has been a binding agent since the beginning of time, and because of this, our customers are truly our family. We appreciate you, because without our valued customers, we would not be here. Our aim is to serve you with 110% excellence! God bless you.

-Anna Simeonides,
Baker and Founder

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