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Allergy Information



We are a dedicated gluten-free facility! All flours are non GMO, sourced directly from Bay State Milling + Bobs Red Mill and are blended in house. 



The majority of our products with the exceptions of our keto + paleo options are vegan as well, meaning they are free from any animal product, including dairy and eggs.


We are completely peanut-free facility! Here at To Your Health Bakery, Inc., we strive to ensure the highest standards of cleanliness in order to minimize and eliminate the possibility of cross-contamination; however, aside from our ovens we do NOT have dedicated nut-free equipment.  Consequently, we are NOT a nut-free facility.   Due to the severity of individual allergies — especially airborne allergies — we ask our patrons to take normal precautions to ensure their health.



We are a soy-free facility with the exception of the chocolate chips in our gluten free/vegan products. The semi sweet Belgian chocolate contains soy lecithin as an emulsifier. All chocolate used in our paleo items is Lilly’s brand, and thus soy-free. 


We source only the best of ingredients to ensure top quality product including:

Bob's Red Mill Grains (organic, non GMO)

Bay State Milling Flours (organic, non GMO)

Soy Free Earth Balance Buttery Sticks (non GMO, vegan)

Violife Cheese and Cream (non GMO, vegan)

Free Range Eggs (organic, local)

Cascadian Farms Fruit (organic)

Chad's Chai (organic, local)

Fortuna Roasters Coffee (organic, local)

St Ephraim’s Farm and St. Basil’s Farm Produce (local, organic)

Miss Angel’s Fruit (local, organic)

as well as organic, seasonal produce from the local farms at

Cobblestone Farmers Market.

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