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Frequently Asked Questions


When should I order?

We ask that you allow for one week (two during the holidays!) advance notice when placing your order to ensure that we can accommodate it. If we can squeeze it in on shorter notice, we would be happy to! Otherwise, feel free to call the store and see what we have available!


How should I order?

Feel free to call the bakery at (336) 618-5275 or click the Special Orders/Contact tab!


Why do you ask for pre-payment?


Unfortunately we have had instances in which people have placed very intricate orders and not come to pick them up. We’ve found that pre-payment eliminates this issue. If you are not satisfied with your cake BEFORE leaving the store upon pickup, we will keep the cake and offer you a full refund.


What are your cake sizes and how many do they feed?


We offer 6, 8, and 10 inch rounds. The six is two layers and feeds 8-12 people. The eight is three layers and feeds 24-30. The ten is three layer and feeds 40-45.

Do you offer sheet cakes?


Yes, we do. Please call the store for more information.


Do you have a minimum order?


All special orders for cookies and cupcakes must have a minimum order of one dozen. Muffins must be ordered by the half dozen.


Can you tailor an order to my allergies?


Absolutely! That’s what we’re all about here at TYHB. Just make sure to give us a COMPLETE list of all allergies to ensure delicious safety.


Do you deliver?


We do NOT deliver, with the exception of cakes with 3+ tiers.



How should I store my cake?


Cakes can be refrigerated. Please make sure to take it out an hour or two before serving to allow it to come to room temperature.


How should I serve my cake?


Please make sure to serve your cake at room temperature for optimum flavor, texture, and consistency.


How do I cut my cake to yield the most pieces?


For our 3 layer, 8 inch cakes, we recommend that you score and slice it into 12 equal pieces, then cut the pieces in half horizontally to yield 24 servings.


Can I freeze my leftovers?

Yes! We bake everything fresh from scratch, so feel free to fridge or freeze the leftovers. Simply store them in an airtight container and wrap it in plastic. When you’re ready to eat, move your cake from the freezer to the fridge for a day to defrost well.

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